World's Only Universal Vape Mod Holder

It will hold and secure 95% of commercially available mods and will fit 98% of cars and trucks on the road today.

Holds 95% Tube Mods

Holds and protects. VAPOR-LOK is designed to protect your valuable vape mod, preventing it from falling onto the floor of the vehicle.

Holds 95% Square Mods

The Holder is fully portable. Without having to glue, unscrew or mar anything, you can easily take your Holder from vehicle to vehicle.

Designed for Vapers

The VAPOR-LOK Universal Mod Holder was designed with the motoring user in mind. Almost all Vapers use their mods while in their vehicles. The VAPOR-LOK Holder keeps your mod safe and secure while still allowing ease-of-use while driving. In most cases, it is not even necessary to take your eyes off the road to use the VAPOR-LOK Holder.

Tested. Patented

VAPOR-LOK Universal Mod Holder is designed to hold and secure most commercially available e-cigarettes. Whether you have a Box-Mod or a Tube-Mod, the VAPOR-LOK will hold any style. It will keep and secure your mod from damage, not to mention always being able to find it. You can easily take your VAPOR-LOK Mod Holder from vehicle to vehicle.

One pack


Free USA Ground Shipping Included. Ships in 1 business day.



Free USA Ground Shipping Included. Ships in 1 business day.


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